Colonoscopies Can Save Lives

March 26, 2021

It’s better to be proactive rather than reactive. The numbers of colon cancer patients are decreasing because people are taking the initiative to get screened. One in twenty people at some point in their life will have colon cancer, but taking preventable measures can help you stay healthy.

Dr. Tarwater speaks with WDHN and Southeast Health about the importance of colonoscopies and getting screened. “The goal of course is to prevent and the way you prevent is to get screening and detect pre-cancers and polyps and remove those.”

We know that colon preps aren’t the most enjoyable. Even as unpleasant as preps are, they are necessary to prevent colon cancer.

Dr. Tarwater goes on to explain. “The procedure itself is usually very well tolerated. The thing people fuss about is always the prep. We change that recipe all the time, but the prep is a drag. It’s just, it’s difficult. It’s a lot to drink. But compared to the risk or the consequence of cancer, there’s no comparison. So the idea is if I prevent something bad, the idea that I’m going to make you drink a lot of laxatives on one day every 10 years doesn’t equate.”

Take a listen to his interview with WDHN and call us when it’s time to schedule your colonoscopy. We recommend screening to begin at age 45, but people at increased or high risk of colorectal cancer might need to start screening before age 45.

Colonoscopies can save lives: how colon cancer awareness month helps patients stay health